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If you love the great outdoors and the water, then you’ll love Vizers! And here’s the best part…Vizers will love you right back!

Because Vizers are not only soft, colorful hats that float like a dang catamaran, they also block the harmful UV effects of the sun. And let’s face it, as much as we love lobster, we certainly don’t wanna look like one!

And get this: Vizers are also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. So you can kiss those smelly, old cloth visors goodbye! Well, don’t actually kiss them, it’s a figure of speech….unless you like fuzzy, green lips, of course!

And did we mention Vizers are a snap to clean? Just run them under some water with a little soap and -PRESTO!- clean as a proverbial whistle! While you’re at it, wash your face, too, you missed a few spots! And since we’re on the subject, what is so clean about a whistle anyway?

Coolest of all; Vizers can be customized with TOUTS, our own little charms that fit into any of the 25 holes on each Vizer. Decorate your Vizer your own way  and show folks who you really are! As we like to say around here, when it doubt…..TOUT IT OUT!


Vizers are R.E.A.C.H and SGS certified and made from our proprietary Foamula™ and are protected by design and utility patents.

VIZERS,, and design, is a registered trademark Registration No. 4139569 , and VIZERS is another trademark all owned by FOAMULA PRODUCTS, INC.