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Legend has it the first Vizers prototype was sketched by  three close friends atop a bar napkin at Pete’s Pub, Little Harbour Island in the Abacos. Some say there was also a little rum involved. Others claim it was the heat from the scotch bonnet peppers and one even blamed it on George Bush. Then there were those three mysterious blue-haired ladies who said it didn’t matter what or who was involved, the design was perfect, a work of art, just flat out genius!!!

But, then again, our moms always say that about everything we do!

What’s probably closer to the truth is these friends just happen to spend a lot of time in the sun and figured there had to be a better way to keep it off their faces. The sun is fun but too much of a good thing isn’t always good. So they imagined a lightweight, anti bacterial, anti fungal and stylish visor that was more than a shade for your face and protected your eyes from harmful UV rays. They wanted it to be a symbol of personal style, it had to be virtually indestructible and dad gummit, it had to FLOAT!

Well, we can all stop imagining, you see “About Us” is really about “YOU”. We designed the Vizers for your enjoyment (and hopefully a little profit so we can make it back to Pete’s Pub soon). VIZERS, your alternative to the everyday boring headwear that’s out there………… You’re absolutely gonna lov’em!!!!!!!


Vizers are R.E.A.C.H and SGS certified and made from our proprietary Foamula™ and are protected by design and utility patents.

VIZERS,, and design, is a registered trademark Registration No. 4139569 , and VIZERS is another trademark all owned by FOAMULA PRODUCTS, INC.


VIZERS is #1 EVERYwhere – even with Aruba! Their site gives Vizers a thumbs up for their #1 TRAVEL gear MUST have! Check out the great recommendation Aruba  Travel gave us!  #1


Aruba #1 Vizers

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