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Come on, now…you know you have a favorite “something.”  Whether you like starfish, or snorkeling, flipflops, or palm trees…make a statement! The hidden beauty of every VIZER is YOU!  Your interests, the things you enjoy, the little symbols in life that bring you a smile, a fond memory, or a moment that brings you joy. TOUTS are so easy to attach and provide a great way to make your headwear personal and fun. Every VIZER is designed with 24 different locations for your personal statement of fun and fashion!  Just open the package and snap your TOUT into place.  So go ahead and TOUT IT OUT!!

Note: Allow 4-6 weeks for shipments outside the continental United States

Vizers are R.E.A.C.H and SGS certified and made from our proprietary Foamula™ and are protected by design and utility patents.

VIZERS,, and design, is a registered trademark Registration No. 4139569 , and VIZERS is another trademark all owned by FOAMULA PRODUCTS, INC.